T-cells (red) attacking a cancer cell (blue) © SCIENCEphotoLIBRARY

The Lethal Infection Will Continue Until…

There is a surprise ending to this lethal infection story, and it’s good news for life on Earth.

I’ve read recently with much interest about a plague that’s threatening civilization. That’s not an exaggeration, or hubris. The threat to civilization is real.

The worst part of this story is that this crisis is preventable, but only if you take precautions and perform a certain regimen.

The Regimen

Exposure to the lethal infection doesn’t spell instant or certain death in all circumstances. However, refusing to address it will certainly increase your chances of succumbing to it. Not only do you risk yourself, but by refusing to address the symptoms early and vigorously puts your offspring and successive generations at risk.

  1. Acknowledge the infection.
  2. Contain the infection.
  3. Remove the infection.
  4. Prevent recurrence of the infection.

This may sound like a ridiculously trite regimen, but I can assure you that there are people who refuse even to consider steps one and two. Generally, it is through those pathways, through the actions of those groups of humans, that the pathogen infects the rest of society.

Startling Facts

One of the most interesting, and indeed troubling aspects of this global crisis involves the social justice warrior crowd. It is they who are putting the rest of society at risk by welcoming the infection into their ranks!

I kid you not.

Civilization is at risk and we have social justice warriors taking the side of civilizational ruin. It’s as if these self-described proponents of peace and love have put on willful blinders instead of addressing the crisis.

The social justice warrior left is the primary mechanism for this civilizational catastrophe to exist.

There’s good news in the surprise ending

Reread this story and replace the words lethal infection with Muslim Terror.

The good news is we can follow the steps outlined above to excise the lethal infection from Western society.

I’ve made a documentary on the Hijrah (migration in the name of Allah) Radical Islam’s Global Invasion and it can be found here Hijrah – Radical Islam’s Global Invasion

I encourage you to take the time to watch my well-researched film and take part in averting a certain crisis.