PROOF: Wikileaks Proves Hillary Hid Emails from Congress

Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s email account contains conversations between Clinton campaign staffers scheming about which material to turn over in response to a Congressional subpoena of Hillary’s emails, according to The Daily Caller.

The Clinton campaign’s emails, which discuss selectively omitting which information to turn over to a Congressional subpoena, were revealed when Wikileaks published thousands of emails from John Podesta’s email account.

From the article: 

Newly leaked emails from the account of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta reveal Clinton campaign staffers discussing which material to turn over in response to a subpoena of Hillary Clinton’s emails. ... 

A March, 2015 email chain shows three Clinton staffers discussing a House subpoena of Mrs. Clinton’s emails. The conversation took place roughly three weeks before a Clinton aide used software called “Bleachbit” to wipe her server clean.

The rule of law has clearly gone out the window under Obama’s administration. Are we to believe another Clinton administration will return the rule of law to D.C.?