Missouri’s Dem Governor Attempts to Kill Constitutional Carry… Doesn’t End Well for Anti-Gun Advocates

Missouri lawmakers recently did something we don’t see much of these days. The state legislature actually listened to the will of the people and put the state back on track when it comes to gun rights protected by the 2nd amendment.

A law was passed making no-permit-required carry legal (something the 2nd amendment already did), meaning Missouri was to become a “constitutional carry” state.

This didn’t sit well with anti-2nd amendment Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon. Nixon vetoed the bill, telling Missouri residents to pound sand when it comes to their 2nd amendment rights.

Fortunately for the good folks of Missouri the legislature didn’t back down. 112 state lawmakers voted to kill the Governor’s veto and the law stands.

More via Free Beacon.

Missouri legislators bypassed the governor’s wishes and instituted the new gun-friendly law by a vote of 112-41 in the House of Representatives and 24-6 in the Senate. Under the law, anyone over 21 who can legally own a firearm may now legally carry a firearm. The move continues a nationwide trend towards what activists call “constitutional carry.”

From the nation’s founding through 2002 Vermont was the only state that didn’t require a state-issued permit to carry a firearm. Alaska became the second state to adopt the policy in 2003. Over the last six years another nine states have followed suit, making it the hottest trend in state-level gun policy.

Some Democrats, such as the Missouri governor, have decried the move as unsafe.

“As governor, I have signed bills to expand the rights of law-abiding Missourians to carry concealed and am always willing to consider ways to further improve our … process,” Nixon said after vetoing the legislation in June. “But I cannot support the extreme step of throwing out that process entirely, eliminating sensible protections like background checks and training requirements, and taking away the ability of sheriffs to protect their communities.”

Gun rights advocates, on the other hand, celebrated their victory.

Well done, Missouri. Well done.