Czech President Refuses Muslim Refugees

Czech President Milos Zeman has gone on record voicing his opposition to bringing Muslim refugees into his country, claiming “they refuse to integrate.”

A bloc of Eastern European nations is rebelling against the European Union, refusing to accept Muslim Refugees fleeing the Middle East and Africa for Europe.

Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and now the Czech Republic are standing together against Western European pressure from the likes of Germany, which has demanded the Eastern European nations assist in settling the 160,000 asylum seekers.

Czech President Milos Zeman responded by saying the Czech Republic does not want Muslims or Islamists in their country because they refuse to integrate with European society.

“Look across Europe and wonder to what extent Muslim migrants were able to integrate. You will learn about the so called no go areas and ‘excluded neighborhoods.’

As Andrew Bieszad of Shoebat.com reports, “there has been a deliberating importation of populations whose beliefs, values, and actions are entirely incompatible with European society.”

Eastern Europe has taken a strong stand against Western Europe, and the message is clear: “Muslims are not welcome in our countries.”

Germans and French citizens are being raped and murdered daily by Muslim Refugees. Western Europe must soon decide whether “political correctness” or or the lives of European citizens is more important.