CLINTON: Trump Voters Are “Standard Rednecks”

According to the Clintons, if you care about border security, stemming the tide of Islamic refugees headed for America, or protecting the U.S. economy, you are a “standard redneck,” Lifezette reports.

Clinton’s disdainful comments come just a month after his wife and rape enabler, Hillary, called Trump’s supporters a “deplorable” group of hateful bigots,

They’re “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it,” she said at a campaign rally.

The Clintons clearly regard the half of America that will vote for Donald Trump with very little esteem.

But ponder this: the Clintons view the other half of America, whose votes they want to win, in very low regard as well. The Democrats need Americans divided and dependent on government for the solution.

That bears repeating: In order to win, Democrats must keep their various voting blocs dependent on government protection of one stripe or another.

Such a cynical, paternalistic outlook is not the mark of one possessed of a dignified view of Americans.