BREAKING: Paul Ryan Works for Hillary, Hedge Fund Activist Singer

Now that it’s clear Trump won the debate by doing the FBI’s job and putting Hillary in jail, Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and Mike Cernovich are reporting the all-too-believable angle on Paul Ryan’s and Dan Senor’s involvement in last week’s release of the Billy Bush tapes to the Washington Post.

Hoft details, as we did, Senor’s coaching of the media to shift the narrative away from the debate and toward the Billy Bush tapes.

This is the very same Dan Senor who still works for Elliott Management, the Vulture Fund raking in billions undermining the global economy and laundering U.S. taxpayer bail-ins through Puerto Rico to their own pockets.

Vulture Fund Elliott Management was founded by now-billionaire Paul Singer, an unabashed supporter of open American borders.

Paul Singer and his Vulture Fund are the ringleaders of the NeverTrump movement bent on keeping borders open.

Singer is Paul Ryan flack Dan Senor’s boss at Elliott Management.

Senor is a top Paul Ryan lieutenant, openly running Paul Ryan’s communication shop on Twitter AND working for the Democrats by directing the Liberal media to denounce Trump and deliver the White House to Hillary Clinton.

The question is this: How can Dan Senor continue to openly work for Paul Ryan while working for an open-borders hedge fund at the same time? That’s a massive conflict of interest, is it not?

Dan Senor compared Donald Trump to Hitler AFTER his boss Speaker Ryan endorsed Mr. Trump.

Are we honestly to believe GOP brass, led by Dan Senor and his boss Paul Ryan aren’t part of the coup against Donald Trump?